June 06, 2010

Occult Secrets for Flag Day

Flag Day is coming up on June 14. It's not really an official holiday anywhere except Pennsylvania, but Quincy apparently has the longest running Flag Day parade in the country. (Thanks, Wikipedia!)

The origins of the American flag are murky at best, and there are several stories about it. The Betsy Ross one is the most famous, but here's a good one I found in The Occult Conspiracy by Michael Howard. It's kind of weird, and set in Massachusetts.

In December of 1775, a group of American revolutionaries (including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington) gathered at a house in Cambridge. They had been charged with designing an appropriate flag for the new nation. As they debated over various designs, an elderly man entered the room. He was a guest of the family that owned the house, and carried with him a large trunk of occult books and arcane manuscripts. A vegetarian and friend of Benjamin Franklin, he was introduced solely as the Professor.

As if this weren't unusual enough, he was "extremely knowledgeable about the historical events of the previous centuries as if he had witnessed them. " (I put the italics in there, so you can cue the spooky music.)

The Professor had several suggestions about how the flag should be designed, which the revolutionaries accepted. Before leaving for the night the Professor predicted America would become a great nation and "a future leader of civilization."

That's it! That's the end of the story as Michael Howard tells it.

Naturally, when I read this I was intrigued, and poked around on the Web.

It seems like Michael Howard found this story in Manly Hall's Secret Destiny of America. Hall, an American Freemason and Rosicrucian, claimed the Professor was really the Count St. Germain, a semi-mythical immortal Rosicrucian who has for centuries influenced the course of history. Yikes!

Perhaps Dan Brown can incorporate this into his next novel. Anyway, be sure to celebrate Flag Day in whatever occultish way you please!

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