January 26, 2009

Young Raccoons in Love

Everyone deserves to be loved!

I was looking through the 2009 edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac, and came across a startling piece of news. According to the Almanac, raccoons will begin mating on January 28, which is this Wednesday.

Poking around on the Web, I read that raccoon mating season begins in late Janauary, and ends in early March. If they really do begin mating on January 28 (which may just be an approximation by the Almanac writers), it should be a national holiday. Raccoon Love Day?

With Groundhog Day fast approaching, this is clearly a very special time for our furry friends.

1 comment:

Rich Clabaugh said...

I guess this is the safest time of year to leave our trash outside.