September 28, 2008

Aaah! Haunted apples!

There's an old story from Connecticut about a 17th century farmer named Micah Rood. One night a traveling peddler came to stay at Micah's farm; the next morning he was found dead under one of Micah's apple trees, and his money and wares were nowhere to be found. Micah professed his innocence, and since there were no witnesses he wasn't charged with the crime. But ever since that night, the apples growing in his orchard had a deep, blood-red spot in their center.

I suppose this story developed to explain a certain variety of local apples that have a red spot near the core. I've never seen Micha Rood apples for sale, but maybe they're just a Connecticut variety. Charles Skinner's recounting of the legend is online here.

You can see a trailer for Micah Rood horror movie on YouTube. Keep your eyes peeled for the creepy apple doll!

1 comment:

Rich Clabaugh said...

Interesting little tale, I'm surprised some local has not tried to capitalize on it.