April 12, 2009

Two Superstitions for Easter

Will their eggs rot? Not if it's Easter.

In celebration of Easter, here are a couple 19th century superstitions from Clifton Johnson's What They Say in New England.

1. An egg laid on Easter will never rot. It may dry out, but it will never actually decay. The same is apparently true of eggs laid on Good Friday.

2. If you wear three new things on Easter, you'll have good luck for the entire year.

You may want to try wearing three new things today to see if it brings luck. I don't know anyone who raises chickens, so I can't ascertain the truth of superstition #1.


Anonymous said...

It is true! Eggs laid on Good Friday never spoil. they turn to wax and the wax is said yto have 'healing' wualities when rubbed on a cut or wound. My dad raises chickens and we get about 3-4 'Good Friday Eggs' each year! Crazy, but true!

Peter Muise said...

Thanks for the comment! Maybe there is something to these legends after all.

Rich Clabaugh said...

Thanks for the post, Peter! Interesting bit of New England lore with an added interesting comment too!