January 11, 2015

Bigfoot Found in Maine, Lovecraft Discovered in Beer!

2015 is off to a great start if you like weird New England stuff. I hope it keeps up!

First off, a twelve-year old boy in Turner, Maine claims to have video footage of Bigfoot trekking through the woods. Is it really a giant hairy hominid? Is it a hoax? Is is something else altogether? Watch the video and decide for yourself:

The Bangor Daily News has coverage of the sighting. Bill Brock, a Maine Bigfoot hunter and host of "Monsters Underground" on Destination America, came out to investigate. In addition to the video there were footprints and mysterious howling noises. After looking at the evidence, Brock decided he was unable to conclude anything either way. I admire someone who is comfortable with ambiguity!

Here's a longer video where Brock and a friend evaluate the evidence they have:

Interestingly, Turner was home to another possible monster earlier in the 1990s and 2000s, when a mysterious canine creature roamed through the woods. It emitted high-pitched screams, had eyes that glowed in the dark, and was blamed for the death of a Doberman. A weird-looking dead dog-like animal was found in 2008 - was it the Turner monster?

Moving from creepy things found in the woods to creepy things found in can, Rhode Island's Narragansett Beer company is releasing an H.P. Lovecraft honey ale to the world on January 19.

Lovecraft, a Rhode Island native, was one of the seminal American horror writers and incorporated lots of local New England lore into his stories. But why a honey ale? Narragansett was inspired by a fictional elixir, known as space mead, that appears in some stories inspired by Lovecraft's own work. The space mead allows people to travel between the stars. The honey ale won't allow you to do that, but maybe it will make you feel as if you can. The company also promises another Lovecraft beer in spring, which will be inspired by his story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." I eagerly await tasting a beer based on a tale about evil fish-people!

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