September 01, 2008

Spaniel Puppy - the Culinary Sensation of 1672!

From John Josselyn's New-Englands Rarities Discovered:

The Moose Deer, which is a very goodly Creature, some of them twelve feet high, with exceeding fair Horns with borad Palms ... The flesh of their Fawns is an incomparable dish, beyond the flesh of an Asses Foal so highly esteemed by the Romans, or that of young Spaniel Puppies so much cried up in our days in France and England. (p.19).

I'm glad he doesn't provide any recipes for cocker spaniel dishes. However, he does claim that the Indians he met in Maine used necklaces of moose fawn teeth to ease teething pain in their infants.

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Thomas McKinley said...

Here in Alaska the Inuit eat jellied moose nose. I've never been brave enough to try it.